Dedicated Appeals and Writ Layers

At the conclusion of any lawsuit in the trial court, there is always a strong possibility that an appeal will be filed. In high-stakes civil matters, there can be a great deal riding on the outcome of an appeal. If you believe that the trial court made an error that adversely impacted your case, or if another party has filed an appeal to challenge a verdict in your favor, it is crucial to have a strong appellate lawyer in your corner to protect your interests.

The skill set necessary to present a compelling appellate argument differs substantially from the one needed to prepare a case for trial. Not all lawyers have experience with the rules, procedures, standards of review and presentation of the case that apply in an appellate court. At Coddington, Hicks & Danforth in Redwood City, our appellate law attorneys draw on nearly 40 years of experience handling appeals and representing parties in extraordinary writ proceedings to provide clients with exceptional appellate advocacy in a broad range of civil appellate matters.

Guidance and Compelling Arguments in Appellate Matters

Clients of our firm benefit from having direct access to experienced appellate lawyers. We regularly accept new clients who are seeking to appeal court rulings or defend against an appeal in lawsuits handled by other attorneys. In each appeal, we thoroughly review the legal issues, the court's rulings and the evidence to provide clients with straightforward guidance on whether an appeal has merit.

Moreover, we advise clients on whether obtaining a favorable ruling on appeal could adversely impact the future of their business. Appellate rulings shape the law, and setting precedent on unfortunate facts could produce precedent that could adversely be applied in future cases with more favorable facts. We fully advise clients about their legal options and the potential outcomes to ensure they have the tools to make informed business decisions. In pursuing or defending against an appeal, our lawyers are skilled in crafting arguments, preparing compelling legal briefs and vigorously advocating on behalf of our clients.

Wide Experience in Civil Appeals

With substantial experience in high-stakes, complex disputes, there is no civil appellate matter too complex for our vigorous advocacy. Members of the insurance industry frequently seek our analytical skills for cutting-edge legal arguments to shape the law in the field of insurance. The same is true for the aviation industry. We also regularly file amicus briefs in appellate matters that involve complex or novel legal issues.

Pursuing Extraordinary Writs

Clients embroiled in difficult battles in the trial court frequently turn to our appellate lawyers for assistance in extraordinary writ proceedings. The flexibility of our lawyers is critical in crafting legal arguments under the strict time constraints that are associated with interlocutory matters. Other trial lawyers rely on our vast experience with appellate matters for assistance and guidance in seeking writs of mandamus, or writs of prohibition.

Our lawyers handle appeals across a broad spectrum, including disputes involving the aviation industry, business practices, civil rights, insurance, product liability and more.

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