Strategic Solutions to Resolve Contract Disputes

Contracts serve as the core of business relationships, economic activity and commerce. Contract disputes can be costly and disruptive to business operations.

Resolving a contract dispute efficiently allows the parties to get back on track with minimal disruption. In the case of a complex, high-stakes disagreement, it may be necessary to take the case to trial to obtain just results. The contract litigation attorneys at Coddington, Hicks & Danforth in Redwood City collaborate with clients to achieve the most favorable outcome possible with a focus on the most important goals and interests of our clients.

Disagreements over duties can arise in a wide variety of areas. Businesses rely on agreements with vendors to obtain supplies. Contractors and subcontractors use contracts to outline duties. And businesses enter into contracts for the sale of goods every day. These are vital business concerns that if left unprotected, can devastate a company's bottom line.

Cost-Effective Results Without Compromising Your Rights

We work tirelessly to resolve disagreements as quickly and amicably as possible to control the costs of litigation and maintain valuable business relationships when appropriate. When you work with our business-savvy lawyers, you gain the advantage of working with a team dedicated to making your goals our goals. We evaluate all available options in each unique set of circumstances and craft the best legal strategy to swiftly resolve the dispute. We fully communicate the cost-benefit analysis of proceeding through mediation, arbitration or trial and remain flexible if circumstances change.

We handle all manner of contract litigation, including:

In crafting the legal strategy to resolve a dispute, we consider the potential remedies. We will discuss your options in detail to allow you to make informed decisions. Potential remedies may include:

  • Specific performance, requiring the other party to complete the obligations of the contract
  • Monetary awards for damages
  • An agreement that the other party will discontinue actions that interfere with your rights
  • A court order to enjoin a party from engaging in conduct that violates the terms of an agreement
  • Invalidating a clause or obligation due to changes in circumstances

If you are facing litigation or need to seek a remedy because of a contract dispute, contact us online or call 650-592-5400 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation.