Aggressive Product Liability Defense Attorneys

Design, research and development, and the engineering for a product involve extensive attention to detail. A product liability claim against your Northern California business can disrupt operations and impact your company reputation. You need legal counsel with the experience, knowledge and a track record of results to protect your company image and bottom line. We proactively work with clients to identify potential liability issues to enhance product safety, protect our clients' reputations and decrease the likelihood of future litigation.

Decades of Experience in Product Liability Defense

For nearly 40 years, Coddington, Hicks & Danforth has a long-standing tradition of providing aggressive defense representation for product manufacturers, designers, distributors, retailers and others along the supply chain in defective and dangerous product litigation. Defective product litigation is a complex area of law that requires technical acuity, legal knowledge and the ability to translate complex topics into easy to understand language for juries, judges and arbitrators.

Our firm was originally founded in 1977 to defend companies in the aviation and aerospace industries. Whether your product liability matter involves a jet engine, motorized scooter, household paint, a bicycle or anything in-between, our substantial experience in defending against claims helps protect your important business interests. We work closely with clients to craft the best legal strategy to serve their most important goals. Our business-savvy lawyers strive to resolve disputes quickly, with cost-effective results. When trial is necessary to achieve just results, we do not hesitate to tenaciously advocate for clients in the courtroom.

Many products in product liability litigation are manufactured overseas for distribution in the United States or manufactured here for export in today's global economy. We take pride in thoroughly defining our client's specific role in the chain of distribution and have extensive experience with international product liability disputes.

Our full-service defense services also include skilled representation defending against class action lawsuits. With the expanding use of class actions in product liability litigation, we are well-poised to protect your business in any matter.

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