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What are the no-fly zones for drones?

Look in the sky: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... a drone?

Drones, also known as small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), are the newest fun flying machines. But you can't fly a recreational drone just anywhere. So where are the no-fly zones in the airspace? Read on to find out.

No-fly zones

  1. Someone else's private property - One off-limits flying space is in the air above a house or privately held business building.
  2. Military bases - Flying your drone over a military zone is a sure way to attract the wrong attention and legal problems.
  3. Airports - Anyplace where there are manned aircraft, including airports must be avoided.
  4. Roadways - Stay away from any area where vehicles are driving, including residential streets, freeways and highways.
  5. Out of your sight - You may not fly your drone anywhere you can no longer see the drone.
  6. Over 400 feet above ground - No matter how high your drone can fly, legally, it must remain below 400 feet off the ground.
  7. Large venues - Football stadiums or other sports venues are off limits for your drone.
  8. Crowds of people - Drones may not be flown over any gathering of people.
  9. Emergency situation locations - You need to keep your drone away from anyplace where the fire department, police, EMTs or other first responders may be working to resolve an emergency situation.
  10. Inclement weather - You need to be cautious of weather conditions. Does it seem too windy for a safe, controllable flight? Better pick a different day.

These are just a few no-fly zones to note. For further questions about where to take flight, follow-up with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Where have you flown your drone?

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