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Are drones a new type of first responders?

The world is increasingly viewing drones as a life-saving device with many potential uses. As the tech continues to grow, so do the inventive ways humans are seeking to use them for good.

There are incredible examples around the world of drone users coming to the rescue. As the tech grows, we hope to see more safety uses for drones. However, drone owners must always make sure they are following the law when operating drones, even for the good of others in order to avoid legal consequences.

Rescue missions and predator monitoring

Australia is spearheading dangerous surf drone rescues with their first rescue occurring just last month. Beachgoers alerted the lifeguard that two swimmers were struggling in ten-foot waves. A drone was quickly deployed to drop flotation devices to the swimmers, who survived without injury.

As a driving force of drone safety tech, Australia is also using drones to monitor ocean predators, such as sharks and jellyfish. They hope to keep swimmers safe and watch the environment - keeping both people and animals out of harm's way in an unobtrusive manner.

Flymotion is a growing tech company that used drone operators to assist rescue missions during Hurricane Irma.

Emerging rescue tech

An Israeli artificial reality tech company just changed their gaming app into a new life-saving tool for disasters. The company, Edgybees, is releasing their First Response app to help rescuers battle through complex and quickly changing environments.

As we see trends in drone-usage leaning toward safety and life-saving, drone laws will undoubtedly be adapting as well.

It is critical for drone owners to stay abreast of changing California (and worldwide) drone laws. This can help you stay aware of illegal piloting behaviors in an emergency situation so that drones can keep others safe.

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