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Can a drone steal someone's I.D.?

Every year drones are getting more and more technically advanced. Their uses expand and so do their possibilities in artificial intelligence and crime. The newest crime being brought to the forefront of drone use is ID theft through hacking.

Hacking is a when someone gains unauthorized access to a system to steal data. If someone guessed your password to your computer and logged in to steal data, that would be considered hacking.



What is at stake?

Data traveling over the airways may be easy pickings for flying identity thieves. Radio signals are one example of data traveling over airwaves. Other examples are anything sent over a Blue tooth device, WIFI and radio-frequency identification systems (RFID). An RFID is included on credit cards, passports and other forms of ID.

What can you do?

  • People can guard their data. These suggestions have been around, but with new threats, it becomes even more important to employ strategies and safeguards against identity thieves.
  • Use strong passwords
  • Be diligent about avoiding risky online behavior that leave your personal information vulnerable to attacks.

Don't allow online stores to keep your credit card information stored in their databases using cookies. You should be allowed an opt out option or continue as guest when making purchases online.

Old school identity thieves

In the past, identity thieves stole physical credit cards, paper bill statements containing personal information, driver's licenses, social security card numbers and other tangible personal records and identification. We could fight these attackers by shredding documents and cutting up old credit cards.

Identity thieves of the future

But what about the new technology thieves? Drone thieves will be able fly by someone's home or business or land on a building and sit undetected, waiting for their next unsuspecting victim.




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