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What causes drone collisions with humans?

More and more Californians are embracing drones as hobbyists. They have become a favorite activity for children and parents alike. Unfortunately, along with the increase of technological zeal has been a significant increase in drone accidents and injuries.

While they may look harmless, drones can easily cause significant injuries if they hit a pedestrian. But what is causing drones to hit humans?

Factors causing serious accidents

While a number of unique factors can cause a drone to hit a pedestrian, some of the most common include:

  1. The drone runs out of battery and falls
  2. Inexperienced operators struggling to control its flight path
  3. The drone crashes into a tree, building or other object and falls
  4. Flying drones in no-fly zones and populated areas
  5. The drone leaves the operator’s line of sight

Many people purchase drones for amusement and think of them as a toy. Unfortunately, they are more difficult to control than many purchasers anticipate. New operators can quickly lose control of the drone due to wind, inexperience navigating the controls and other unexpected events. If they lose control of the drone for even a few seconds, it can easily hit and damage surrounding property or people in the area.

What can new operators do to increase safety?

Fortunately, there are ways to safely prepare for your new drone. Do not try to figure out how to handle your drone by immediately taking it out to fly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) created an app for smartphones called B4UFly, and offers safety tips on a website of the same name. Take the necessary time to acquaint yourself with the technology and safety tips before you take the drone outside to prevent serious pedestrian accidents.

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