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How much harm can a drone do to a person on impact?

In April of 2018, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new report on human collisions with drones. Although the FAA admits the figures on drone crashes with humans may be too early to fully predict, they did find data on how much damage a drone may cause when colliding with someone on the ground.

Can your drone be shot down by police? Maybe.

Most drone enthusiasts follow the rules. They generally know what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and California state laws say about using drones. Whether using the technology for profit or for fun, running afoul of the law isn't usually a concern for responsible drone owners.

Northern California drone company seeks to save lives

The prospect of commercial drones being used for delivery purposes is an exciting one. The advent of rapid drone delivery for small goods could very well prove revolutionary in the coming future. While this ever-advancing technology is a potential boon for the e-commerce industry, one California company is exploring ways that drones could improve health care as well.

Businesses could start using drones for more than deliveries

Drones have frequently been in the news for their potential as a delivery mechanism. With major e-commerce companies exploring their viability as a shipping solution, "delivery drones" could be everywhere sooner than later. Their utility makes sense for online retailers like Amazon--a company that ships countless small packages every day--but one big-box chain is looking to bring drones indoors.

What to know about California drone laws

According to Recode, nearly 800,000 drones are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration to fly in the United States. In response to the increasing number of drones in the sky, the FAA wrote a number of regulations related to the use of drones for both private and commercial use. How are these laws affecting residents of the Golden State?

How drones are affecting delivery services

California is known for being on the forefront of new drug laws in the United States. The legalization of marijuana has spurned new and creative endeavors across the state. Technology drives many of these undertakings via smartphone apps and the blockchain. How does the law affect this kind of innovation?

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